Transfer of Accounts to Millennium Trust

As you were advised by letter, dated November 29, 2019, effective December 30, 2019, Liberty Trust will resign as the custodian and administrator of your IRA and we have chosen Millennium Trust Company, LLC, a leading IRA provider, to serve as the new custodian and administrator of your IRA.  Your IRA will automatically transfer to Millennium Trust on December 31, 2019, if no alternative action is taken by you. As part of the transition of your IRA to Millennium Trust, your existing IRA custodial agreement will be amended and restated, effective upon a transfer of your account to Millennium Trust. You should review the agreement that will govern your IRA upon transfer to Millennium Trust. A copy is available on Millennium Trust’s website by clicking on the following link:  www.mtrustcompany.com/liberty. You can also call Millennium at (800)-258-7878.

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