The IRA Process

Getting started with Liberty Trust Company

Let Liberty help you achieve your retirement goals. We’ve made it easy to open an account with us. At Liberty Trust Company, we let you go back to the basics. Invest your IRA the way you want, without the arbitrary restrictions. Your Retirement, Your Choice.


Step One - Open your account

  1. Complete the account application
  2. Sign the Fee Agreement
  3. Provide a copy of your driver’s license

Step Two - Fund your account

  1. Transfer funds from another IRA
  2. Rollover funds from a qualified retirement plan
  3. Make an IRA contribution

Step Three - Make your investment

  1. Find the investment
  2. Do your due diligence on the investment
  3. Complete the Investment Authorization Form
  4. Complete the investment sponsor's paperwork
  5. Direct Liberty to sign the investment sponsor's paperwork, if required

If you have additional questions about the IRA process, please Contact Us.