Getting Started

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Available Resources

Open an Account

We’ve made it easy to open an account with us. Our application kits have all the forms you need to open your account and move funds from your current custodian to your account with Liberty Trust Company. ...read more

Plans for Businesses

Learn about the various IRA based employer retirement plans. Jump directly to information on: SEPs (Simplified Employee Pensions) SIMPLEs(Savings Incentive Match Plans) Top Simplified Employee Pensions (SEPs) Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans can provide a relatively simple and easy was for business owners to set ...read more

Plans for Individuals

Learn about saving for retirement by understanding the differences between the various IRA options. Jump directly to information on: Traditional IRAs Roth IRAs Top Traditional IRA A Traditional IRA is the oldest and most common type of Individual Retirement Account. A Traditional IRA grows on ...read more

The IRA Process

Let Liberty help you achieve your retirement goals. We’ve made it easy to open an account with us. At Liberty Trust Company, we let you go back to the basics. Invest your IRA the way you want, without the arbitrary restrictions. Your Retirement, Your Choice. ...read more