Automatic Rollovers

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Automatic Rollover Overview

What is an Automatic Rollover? In broad terms, an Automatic Rollover is the transfer of a participant’s account from a qualified retirement plan into an individual retirement account (“IRA”) with no action required by the participant. Is this legal? Yes, Automatic Rollovers are legal. In ...read more

Former Plan Participants

Did my former employer roll my retirement plan account to Liberty Trust Company? If you are visiting our website you probably found our name on a form among a stack of forms you received from your former employer. Generally, this stack includes forms titled something ...read more

Plan Sponsors

The Missing Participant Problem Do you have ex-employees who terminated years ago but keep showing up on your plan’s participant list? Have you sent them the distribution election forms but they failed to return them? Or have they been returned by the post office with ...read more


Plan Sponsors Like Automatic Rollovers Once they understand the rules, plan sponsors prefer to take full advantage of the Automatic Rollover rules and rollover all forced cash-outs – even those under $1,000. Why? Because many, if not most, Missing Participants have benefits under $1,000. Plan ...read more