New Online Access to Launch Soon!

*UPDATE 07/19/2018* The launch of the new online portal that was previously announced at the end of June has been delayed. When the new release date has been determined, we will update you with a new announcement on this page. The development team is working ...read more

2017 Contribution Deadline

We wanted to remind our clients that the deadline to make previous year personal contributions is fast approaching.  To be able to credit a contribution for the prior tax year, we must receive a check postmarked no later than the tax filing deadline or a ...read more

Can an IRA owner complete a 60-day rollover by contributing cash to an IRA instead of the property received in an in-kind distribution?

The short answer is “No”. We have received several calls regarding 60-day rollovers involving in-kind distributions. Surprisingly, we have found that advisors, including CPAs and attorneys, are suggesting to their clients that if they take an in-kind distribution from an IRA, they can contribute cash ...read more


The IRS recently changed its position on the rules regarding 60-day rollovers. Historically the IRS has held that the rule regarding 60-day rollovers applies to each IRA. In fact, on page 25 of the 2013 Publication 590, the IRS gives an example of this. (1) ...read more