2017 Contribution Deadline

We wanted to remind our clients that the deadline to make previous year personal contributions is fast approaching.  To be able to credit a contribution for the prior tax year, we must receive a check postmarked no later than the tax filing deadline or a wire received by our bank no later than the tax filing deadline.  A Contribution Designation form must be received as well. The filing deadline set forth by the IRS for the 2017 tax year is April 17, 2018.

“2018 Tax Filing Season Begins Jan. 29, Tax Returns Due April 17; Help Available for Taxpayers” Internal Revenue Service, www.irs.gov/newsroom/2018-tax-filing-season-begins-jan-29-tax-returns-due-april-17-help-available-for-taxpayers.

April 17 Filing Deadline

The filing deadline to submit 2017 tax returns is Tuesday, April 17, 2018, rather than the traditional April 15 date. In 2018, April 15 falls on a Sunday, and this would usually move the filing deadline to the following Monday – April 16. However, Emancipation Day – a legal holiday in the District of Columbia – will be observed on that Monday, which pushes the nation’s filing deadline to Tuesday, April 17, 2018. Under the tax law, legal holidays in the District of Columbia affect the filing deadline across the nation.

The Contribution Designation form can be found in the Forms section of this website.  If you intend to send a wire, you will need to contact our office to request the wiring instructions.  The completed Contribution Designation form should be sent to us prior to your initiating the wire from your bank.  While we are unable to provide tax advice, our staff is available to assist you in the process of completing the contribution. You would need to consult a tax professional or the IRS website to determine if you are eligible to make a contribution to your IRA.  You may also reference the Contributions section of our website for the 2017 limits.

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